NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, January 26, 2006

Greetings from Blackhat Federal 2006 Posted by Jarno @ 16:12 GMT

Hello to everyone from Washington DC USA.

I'm attending information security conference Black Hat Federal 2006, and like all other Black Hat conferences the quality of presentations has been really high and theres always lots of new things to learn.

This time the talks on Blackhat Federal have been focused very much on topic of rootkits and forensics. Presenters have had quite novel ideas and are presenting interesting problems for security community to solve.

In addition of following talks by others I gave a talk on how to combat Symbian malware, and audience seemed to be rather pleased with the presentation.

Now second day of the conference is starting and it promises to be quite interesting day.

In the picture J0hnny Long is giving a humorous presentation at the end of the first day on serious topic of the high end hacking techniques used by hollywood movie industry. One has to keep up with the times and monitor all new developments.


My next public presenatation will be on Black Hat Europe 2006 on the same topic as in Black Hat Federal. See you in Amsterdam.