NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a long time in this world... Posted by Mikko @ 21:24 GMT

Our blog is now exactly two years old.


In the beginning we were only planning to create a temporary blog to cover the Mydoom incident. This was the massive attack launched by Mydoom.A on the 30th of January 2004 to take down sco.com.

About 800 blog posts and two years later, we're now regularily seeing tens of thousands of readers a month, and our blog has been ranked among the top 500 blogs in the world by Feedster.

Bagle butterflyLet's review some of the highlights of our blog, starting from our very first post.

Throughout the blog history, we've been fighting Bagle variants. From the very first variants all the way to having Bagles for lunch. Our 3D animations of Bagle code also proved popular.

First spring of the blog was spent fighting the virus war between Bagle, Netsky and Mydoom. Here's a history chart showing the release of new virus variants. Eventually we got really fed up with Mydoom and its variants.

On March 21st 2004, we found a new virus called Netsky.P. Almost two years later, it's still in the TOP 10 of most common viruses in the world!

Then in May 2004, we found Sasser. Quoting the blog: ...there has been Sasser-related problems in at least three large banks. RailCorp rail traffic was halted in Australia on Saturday, leaving 300,000 travellers stranded - CEO of the company is quoted saying a virus might be the reason. Also, according to several sources, Delta Airlines had their planes grounded in USA on Saturday for several hours, because of a "computer glitch"...

Then in June 2004 we found the first real mobile phone virus, Cabir. It was confirmed to be in the wild later the same year and caused problems on the stadium during the World Championships in Athletics. Here's a video showing why people get infected by it.


PicOne of our more popular write-ups was the posting on goofing around with laptop locks.

The first MMS mobile phone virus Commwarrior was found in March 2005 and it was later found in the wild. It even hit one of our own phones. Last variant of this family is the multifunctional Commwarrior.C and it spreads really fast - see this video.

Some of our more controversial writings were probably the ones titled "Linux sucks" or "Millionaire virus writers"...

Here's a good story on finding an infected mobile phone in the middle of a high-security Interpol conference in April 2005.

It is arriving in 2007, but we already broke the news about Windows XP SP3 already in April 2005!

We did some interesting tests with wireless systems on a Toyota Prius, and continued with neat bluetooth hacks when the Trifinite group visited us.

Here's pictures from our viruslab grand opening in May 2005 - with neat features like the realtime virus worldmap.

And here's our eye-witness account story on the Zotob outbreak.

In October 2005, we shot a short and funny video where we managed to "brick" a brand new Sony PSP with a trojan that overwrites system files. Then we posted the 14MB file to our blog. A week later, our IT department nicely notifies us that we've had around 207 THOUSAND downloads for the video, roughly doubling our websites traffic. Ho hum. But it is a nice video.

We followed the Sony rootkit saga from start to finish...all the way to creating lab t-shirts with the now-infamous quote (listen).

How phishing went global and the sea froze over. How did we fight viruses during internet pre-history, before PC viruses had their 20th anniversary.

And New Year 2006 we spent, of course, fighting WMF problems, with another blog posting that generated lots of feedback.

So that's the first two years. Thanks for reading - wishes the weblog team and Lu the Monkey!