NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, February 3, 2006

Quite quiet Posted by Mikko @ 11:46 GMT

So far today we haven't received any significant Nyxem damage reports.

Vast majority of the machines infected by Nyxem are home computers. Nothing will happen on them until people get home from work and boot up their machines. Half an hour later the damage starts. The user won't realise what's going on until an hour or two later, when it's already late Friday night.

The full scope of the problem won't come to light until during the weekend or early next week.

We'd like to think that they whole problem was avoided and everybody cleaned up their machines in time. But unfortunately that's probably not true.


Italian media has reported that the Municipality of Milan had many of their 10.000 machines infected by Nyxem.E and have chosen to switch off their network today.

According to our data, Italy had the most infected computers of European countries.