NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What's up at the RSA Conference Posted by Mikko @ 17:52 GMT

Bill Gates just finished his keynote here at the RSA Conference in San Jose. He gave a good show and even dropped security buzzwords such as botnets, rootkits and phishing. He also mentioned malicious attacks against mobile phones as an example of current trends.

Bill Gates live on stage

Bill's presentation focused on four things that we need: trust ecosystem, engineering for security, simplicity and fundementally secure platforms.

On authentication his comment was simple: "passwords won't cut it anymore".

Likewise, on simplicity of security systems he said: "we absolutely have to do better".

According to a previous keynote by Gates, spam shouldn't be a problem anymore now in 2006. Gates acknowledged this didn't happen: "User's see less spam...but spam is not gone. There's still work to be done."

Gates also forecasted that far fewer people will be running Vista with administrator rights (than XP). Sounds good.

That's the queue to see Gates' keynote.