NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, March 3, 2006

Hacker Defender Antidetection Closes Shop Posted by Antti @ 07:31 GMT

The author of the Hacker Defender rootkit has announced that he will stop offering the so-called antidetection service, which promised to hide the rootkit from anti-virus products and even from rootkit detectors such as F-Secure BlackLight. The service, priced at several hundred euros, was on sale on the author's web site for more than a year. We mentioned the antidetection features in Hacker Defender in our previous blog entry.

Hacker Defender Closes Shop

It is a good thing that the "official" Hacker Defender anti-detection service is out of business. However, since Backdoor.Win32.Hacdef is an open-source rootkit, we will most likely continue seeing private builds of it also in the future.