NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 13, 2006

Free Stickers Posted by Mikko @ 12:47 GMT

Last week we created some promotional material for the CeBIT trade show and now we’d like to share some of the remainders with you, our blog readers. It’s a collection of stickers for your laptop cover, or wherever else location you prefer. We’d like to think that they’re pretty cool. For example, “Tell me your password. It’s ok.”


The first 50 persons to send their mailing address to: nerds [at] f-secure [dot] com, will receive a free sheet of stickers in the post.

Update to add: You can stop sending the mails now, we have more than enough already. Thanks to everybody who emailed us.

We also got nice comments like "I find it funny that to get a sheet of stickers about scams, I have to send some random person my mailing address". Your stickers are in the mail buddy.

Also, one of you (and you know who you are) sent his mail quite late but changed his computer's clock back by two hours before sending the mails. Nice try. We'll send you two sticker sheets for the effort.