NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Nordea Phishing is Back Posted by Katrin @ 13:42 GMT

We blogged about Nordea phishing cases in October and December of last year. Today we have reports of a new phishing case targeting Nordea's online banking. As before, this kind of phishing is an attempt to steal the customer's one-time passwords. Here is an example of one of the phishing e-mails:


The link in the e-mail is obfuscated, it doesn't lead to where it points, instead it opens another web page where the victim is supposed to fill in their unused passwords and all of the confirmation codes for Nordea's online banking. The new phishing attempt is very much similar to the previous two. What's new is the e-mail's content, the link is obfuscated, and it collects the e-mail address of those who click the link.