NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 7, 2006

Exhibit 5 - A Better Internet? Posted by Stefan @ 14:20 GMT

In case we didn't already know - people don't like Spyware. Well, they really don't like Spyware. The New York Attorney General's office has brought suit for illegal practices against Direct Revenue and the exhibits make for interesting reading. Ben Edelman has a copy of the case documents here. Exhibit 5 has more than a few examples of the hate mail that Direct Revenue received. This is one of the less vulgar:


Direct Revenue, makers of VX2, ABetterInternet, and BestOffers, is a company that is known for its use of less than honest affiliates. Those affiliates have the very bad habit of installing software without user consent. Due to the method of installation, even the uninstaller offered by Direct Revenue didn't always work - evidenced by the table in the exhibit.

Direct Revenue has gone from shady to less shady over the years, but perhaps not quickly enough to avoid the eye of Attorney General Spitzer.