NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Century in Mobile Malware Posted by JP @ 12:42 GMT

In less than half a year our tally of mobile malware has doubled to 200. Many of those in that count are variants of already detected viruses, but the speed at which the number grows has real implications for all those with unprotected smartphones. At the least, this is a testing ground. What comes next?


FlexiSpy demonstrates well that your privacy can be violated. RedBrowser is a good example of social engineering being implemented. The techniques that work with PC malware are being tested on the mobile side.

Text-Payment and Mobile Wallet services are now being introduced by Mobile Service Operators - and where there's money, there's motive. Growth of these services could easily augment malware's attention to mobile platforms. Operators and device vendors need to continue to factor this into their business strategy and design.