NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Coming Soon Posted by Sean @ 10:44 GMT

Our team is growing. And consequently our weblog photo is becoming more and more out-of-date. Three faces have moved on and many additional ones need to be added. We get e-mail asking about this from time to time´┐Ż So due to popular demand, coming soon, a new weblog banner photo!

This has been the photo for the last two and half years:
Current weblog photo

On March 17th we took some photos on the Baltic Sea - To be more precise, on the frozen canal outside of our Helsinki office. Time passed and we ended up not using those photos.

March 17th 2006

Now, with some recently hired employees, we have a still larger and even more international team. The preview photo below includes persons from: Finland, Philippines, USA, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Italy, India, Hungary, and Sweden.

At the photo studio

We should have the banner updated before the end of the year.