NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Revisiting Old Posts

Microsoft June Updates - MS06-025 has a known issue with dial-up connections that use a terminal window, or dial-up scripting. It's an "older technology that is rarely used".

Our World Cup Poll - The greatest number of votes (18.9%) was for Brazil. It seems that our readers agree with the rest of the IT community.

Our New Banner - If you use an RSS reader, you may not have noticed that the weblog banner photo has been updated. If you want a closer view, there may be an Easter egg on the site somewhere�

Yahoo Phishing - Yahoo-Members.com has been offline for at least a week.

T2'06 Reverse Engineering Challenge - There is a winner, so the prize is claimed, but the challenge is still available here. Several of our researchers discovered a new evening hobby and lost time for playing WoW.

The Da Vinci Code Mobile Virus - We never acquired a sample so its existence remains a mystery. It may have been just a local infection that failed to replicate further. That crazy monk that followed us around insisted that we should leave it alone�