NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, June 26, 2006

Data Security Summary - January to June 2006 Posted by Sean @ 12:56 GMT

It's midyear and time for our semiannual data security summary. Mikko's video (13min) was shot on our office roof for this occasion. It was a very fair, sunny day in Helsinki.

Jan to June wmv file.

The wrap-up is available here, and includes a variety of video formats as well as audio. Download it for your iPod or other media device.

The video's topics include: Twenty Years of Viruses, WMF Exploit, Nyxem, Macintosh Viruses, Rootkits, Mobile Viruses, and Spear Phishing. Mikko looks very earnest in the video, but don't panic, that's probably due to the brightness of the sun.