NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Coming Soon: Another Reverse Engineering Challenge Posted by Mikko @ 14:34 GMT

F-Secure Sponsors Assembly 2006

F-Secure is sponsoring Assembly 2006 – one of the largest demo parties in the world. It takes place in Helsinki, and it’s historically always been organized at the same time as DEF CON – so in two weeks from now.

As part of our sponsorship we're hosting an F-Secure Reverse Engineering Challenge Compo. It's a competition where the target is to decode programs in order to find hidden information. It consists of three Windows EXE files written by one mystery researcher working in the F-Secure Security Labs.

The three challenges are a set. When the programs are run, they'll ask the user for a password. Give the correct password, and you then get instructions on how to find the next challenge. The goal is to solve all three challenges. The first ones to complete the challenges will win an iPod or a PSP – See Assembly's website.

The competition will be open to all, not just those attending Assembly. More details on the rules - and on the mystery author of the challenges – soon!