NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Scammers Target Interpol Posted by SGMasood @ 14:53 GMT

The Register is reporting on a 419 advance fee scam site that is intended to impersonate Interpol. Like always, the goal is to fool people into believing that they are dealing with the real Interpol website.

Interpol Logo from www.interpol.org

The scam site is quite convincing as the scammers seem to have leeched several hundred pages from the original site. The domain name doesn't raise much doubt either. The only giveaway - as Era here noticed while analyzing the site - is that much of the content, especially the news, seems to be from 2004. This might be because they leeched the content sometime during that year.

Admins might want to block www.interpolglobal.com. For your reference, the real Interpol domain is www.interpol.int.