NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, August 24, 2006

Final note on Intel drivers - For now Posted by Sean @ 13:56 GMT

On Monday we invited feedback - and we received e-mail from a good number of you. All but one reported the same issue that we are experiencing. The S24EvMON.exe process installed with the driver is using an ever-increasing amount of handles and memory. Many are finding this to be the case - click here for more details.


It seems important to note that the driver is not the source of the issue; it's the associated software. So what configuration have we tested now? The Intel software has been uninstalled from Add/Remove Programs and the then driver re-installed from the Device Manager/Update Driver option using the 5.7MB download. We updated by having Windows pull the driver from the folder - not by running the update executable. Windows Wireless Zero Config doesn't have all of the extra features of Intel's PROSet, but it doesn't end up taking over all of your system resources either. So you can have the updated driver without the PROSet services. Hopefully Intel will have a fix for the software soon as it's worth having installed.

Thanks to all those that submitted their observations.

Updated to Add: There are now reports, here and here, that Intel will post a fix to their website on Friday.

Updated to Add: Monday, August 28th. Downloaded the fix this morning from Intel and installed. Handles/Memory are stable and the PROSet is running well.