NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, August 28, 2006

Are you a phisher? Looking for free hosting? Posted by Mikko @ 11:31 GMT

Tripod offers free web pages to anyone.

So you would think that they would try to avoid getting phishing sites hosted on their servers.

You know, doing the easy stuff. Like preventing people from creating new hosts with names like "pay-pal-redirect"? Or perhaps every now and then scanning user-created content to find obvious copies of eBay or PayPal login pages?

But apparently they aren't doing this. With a few trivial searches you can find several PayPal phishing sites on Tripod:

PayPal on Tripod

Some examples of sites that were active this morning:


Abuse messages have been sent about the above sites to both Tripod and PayPal (Update: Ten hours later, five of these sites were taken offline by Tripod).

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