NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HIPS Update Posted by Sean @ 15:21 GMT

Steve H. - weblog reader and recurring e-mailer - wrote to suggest that it would be interesting to know how our FSIS 2007 Beta handles the malware on which we have recently been posting. How well does our new HIPS perform? We haven't mentioned it since our August 23rd post.

We think it's a valid point and we'll be looking into a way of publishing proactive detection statistics. As well as making note of the results on bigger cases.

DeepGuard Settings

And how does the new System Control feature do against Warezov? Using old virus definitions, we tested against Warezov.U and it was automatically blocked by the default settings. This results in a notification flyer to the user without any action required on his part. We'll post a demonstration video of it in action for you soon.

There was a new build of the FSIS 2007 Beta released last Friday. Click here for details on giving it a try.

Thank you to Steve for prodding us for an update.