NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Video - FSIS 2007 Beta Demo Posted by Sean @ 15:26 GMT

Yesterday's post promised a video - and today we have it ready for you.

The video (WMV) (XviD) demonstrates FSIS 2007 Beta denying Warerov.U with its new System Control feature.

Play FSIS 2007 Demo

The default settings were used - Ask when case is unclear. For those of you testing the Beta, we'd like to suggest that after one week or so, System Control should be ready for you to set it to expert mode - Ask my permission. A week's time should be enough for all of your day-to-day apps to have been "learned".

We're interested in your feedback. You can e-mail us using the address at the top the weblog.

Just a small note about Warezov: It's been busy. Seems like it's been on some kind of binge since Sunday. It's back on the wagon as of this morning having reached the AA variant. We'll see how long it takes to run though another set of letters.