NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, September 15, 2006

Svensk politiker leker pirat? Posted by Stefan @ 13:19 GMT

Swedish elections are coming up this Sunday.

There's been a lot of coverage about a hacking incident between the parties.

But outside of that, one of the bigger issues in this election has been the attitude on P2P networks and file sharing - there's even a "pirate party" running. The sitting party, including party member Tomas Nordström, is in favor of stronger enforcement. The problem is, this week the politician was informed that he was sharing the entire contents of his hard drive, including the operating system, private pictures, and even party documents.

If you read Swedish, the article is available here.

At the bottom of the online article there is a poll about computer security. The question is: "Are you sure no one else can access the data on your harddrive?" As of writing this post, the percentages were - Yes: 37.6%, No: 51.7%, Don't know: 10.7%.

Poll Results