NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, October 2, 2006

T2'06 Conference in Helsinki Posted by AP @ 11:06 GMT

Last week T2'06 Conference was held in Helsinki. This is the best technical hard-core security conference in Finland.

From F-Secure, we had Mika and Antti giving a presentation about Windows Rootkits, and Jarkko was presenting the answer to the T2 Reverse Engineering Challenge, which was run by the conference organizers. The challenge was held before the conference and the winners were awarded free tickets.

The keynote presentation was given by Harri Hursti. He was speaking about the US electronic voting systems and its weaknesses.

The presentation about Web Application Exploitation given by Joakim Sandstr´┐Żm was excellent. He was showing demos about the webappsec trends, automated tools, manual testing, extinction of common webapp vulnerabilities, "new" issues in php (evals, metadata code injection), backdooring web applications, techniques and tools for "calling home", exploitation of common web application vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, and cross site scripting.

The picture below is of Jarkko showing the solution to the T2-challenge:
Jarkko Rocks