NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, October 5, 2006

If you buy this lousy fake antispyware today within the next 15 minutes... Posted by Mikko @ 08:54 GMT

SpySheriff is among the best-known rogue programs disguised as spyware protection. It might look like a useful security program but it actually isn't - it's typically pushed on systems through vulnerabilities, after which it reports nonexistent infections in order to scare you into registering the software for a cool $59.95 or so.


So, while having a coffee break in the lab, we were wondering what kind of TV ads a company like SpySheriff would run.

We're sure you would have lots of ideas. So here's a small competition for our readers:

 1. Make the cheesiest TV ad for SpySheriff you can possible come up with
 2. Post your ad to YouTube or Google Video
 3. Mail the link to your video to us to weblog at our domain
 4. We'll reward the best videos with F-Secure marketing junk (t-shirts, caps, posters, etc.)
 5. And we'll post a list of the cheesiest videos

Lets set the deadline to, say, the 15th of October so it's nicely after the VB conference, which starts next week.

And no, we don't really recommend anybody to go and use this software.