NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, October 12, 2006

Greetings from Virus Bulletin 2006 Posted by Mikko @ 13:25 GMT

Greetings from the Virus Bulletin 2006 conference in Montreal, Canada!

The second day of the conference is just starting with many interesting presentations to come. I'm especially looking forward to the presentations by Guillaume Lovet, Alex Shipp, and Jose Nazario - too bad Alex and Jose have been scheduled exactly at the same time!

I held my keynote presentation yesterday morning and it went very well.

Virus Bulletin 2006 Keynote

As you might remember, I asked for your help in choosing the topic for my presentation, and I'd like to thank all of the 150 people who took the time to send feedback and share their ideas. The suggestions covered the whole spectrum of the field, from rootkits, to virus history review, to mobile virus issues, to product pitches. In the end, I ended up talking about the history and the future, and how this is not merely a fight between antivirus companies and virus writers - but a fight between good and evil.

I managed to pack 164 slides into my 40-minute presentation (no joke). As promised, my slides are available for download now.

Here's a short video clip (shot with a Nokia E70):
vb video clip

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