NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, October 13, 2006

Video - Your Marriage is in Danger! Posted by Kamil @ 13:24 GMT

Weblog reader Per-Erik sent us a URL that he's received as an intrusive pop-under. It's for a product named Drive Cleaner that is classified as a rogue because of its employed sales tactics.

The first pop-up window uses animation and attempts to look like Windows Explorer. Examine the details that it displays in the left hand frame. The "Warning" message that it displays appears to offer a choice, but it's really just an image and clicking on the Yes or No has the same result - you're prompted to download the installer.

Example 1

If you cancel the download, you get a "Notice" asking you to reconsider. We like the kind reminder that having tracks of your online activities could harm your career and your marriage.

Example 2

If you select cancel from the second dialog, you'll get yet another dialog. This message states that Drive Cleaner will now scan your computer and that you must select Run or Open. This is another attempt to get the user to download and install the application.

Example 3

We have a video demo of this for you here (XviD) or here (WMV).

While it completely over-hypes the privacy danger as a critical issue rather than a risk, the application itself doesn't do anything really malicious if installed. It just doesn't do anything but scan unless you buy it. But do you really want to pay �35 to remove temporary files and cookies? You can set your browser to do that automatically when it closes.

Our thanks to Per-Erik for submitting the URL.