NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Warezov List Posted by Sean @ 14:04 GMT

The Weblog has received several requests from readers for a list of Warezov domains so that they could be blocked on their networks. We have posted on the topic many times and have typically included screenshots with the details, but not always something that could be copied and pasted. And these are kind of odd names… so it's easy to make a typo when typing them yourself.

Warezov Domain List

Our current list of Warezov domains, which we will try to keep current (*experiment*), can be found from

This is at the moment, the only link to the page, so bookmark it. Note that most of the domains listed are presently offline.

Perhaps we could collect other information for our readers in a similar fashion? Is there anything else that you have been copying from our content? Please submit your comments to the address listed at the top of the Weblog's homepage.