NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, December 7, 2006

Guardian comments on ".bank" gTLD Posted by Mikko @ 09:48 GMT

The Guardian
Today's Guardian has a story about a topic we raised last month: how come museums have a secure, restricted .museum top-level domain but banks don't have .bank?

You would think that banks get phished via fake look-a-life domains much more than museums do.

"There are no safeguards whatsoever against someone registering a domain name and using it for nefarious purposes," says Richard Martin, a business security consultant at the UK clearing bank group Apacs. Barnaby Davis, director of electronic banking for Barclays, says: "We're well past the tipping point when something needs to be done that makes it harder to register URLs or makes the consequences for misuse harsher."

Full story here.