NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Patch Time Posted by Francis @ 20:52 GMT

Microsoft has released its monthly updates. As Patrik posted earlier, Microsoft's December update does not include a patch for the number of recently discovered Word vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, Microsoft's monthly update package includes three critical patches — one being a patch for Windows Media Player Remote Code Execution vulnerability MS06-078.

December's Second Tuesday

At the moment, we haven't seen any malware that takes advantage of this vulnerability. But it's possible that we'll see something using this exploit as a potential worm vector. For instance, a mass mailer that spams file attachments of specially crafted .ASF or .ASX files with exploit code or perhaps an Instant Messenger worm spamming links of malicious sites hosting exploited Windows Media Player files.

Who knows? Better patch now before it's too late.