NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, January 12, 2007

SMS Spam Follow up Posted by JP @ 12:18 GMT

WAP Text

We received a good number of reports regarding SMS spam that people had received on their mobile phones during a period in December. We looked into the issue and posted our findings. The number of reports regarding received SMS spam has gone down since December, but we are still hearing about the issue on daily basis.

We did talk briefly with couple of GSM operators about how to block this problem and avoid it bothering people. From what we have learned, if you as a customer of a cellular operator receive SMS spam and don't want to see more spam delivered to your mobile phone, you should report this to your operator's customer support. While we are very interested in getting reports about different SMS spam, we cannot as a third party report the abuse of the cellular operator's network. The cellular operators are able to control their networks, but they need to be informed by you, the customer, if their network is being abused against you.