NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, January 22, 2007

Stick This Posted by Sean @ 13:50 GMT

Our new laptop stickers have arrived! We started the contest several weeks ago. We then went through the results and selected the winners. And then we ordered up a batch and waited. Now we have them and stickers are everywhere in the lab.

2007 Stickers

The weblog readers whose suggestions were selected are:

      I lost my password, can you tell me yours? — Azham R. of Malaysia
      This is not the wireless access point you're looking for. — Matt L. of Australia
      Real men don't use antivirus. — Jonas L. of Sweden
      I just click OK to make the box go away. — Justin R. of UK
      My botnet can beat up your botnet. — David B. of USA
      Password is on a Post-it note on the display. — Ken T. of Germany

Their stickers were mailed out in the post today. Our thanks to all that contributed.

Now that we have them, we'll use them as rewards for future challenges.