NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, January 25, 2007

WorldMap Live Wallpaper Posted by Sean @ 14:36 GMT

Three weeks ago we posted some screenshots of our WorldMap Live as a wallpaper giveaway.

We've had some additional questions since then, so we thought we'd post some more 1400 by 1050 screenshots for you.

WorldMap Live><br /><br /><br /><br /><b>Global</b> — <a href=15:31:40 — 00:14:5714:49:49

RegionalAPAC 14:44:48Europe 03:49:03USA 01:12:35

How does our WorldMap Live work?
When a detection occurs, many of our security products report back to us with data that includes an IP address. That IP address is converted to a physical location and that is then displayed on the WorldMap. The WorldMap software runs in real-time as well as 1hour and 24hours playback mode.

Is there a commercial version that can be purchased?
The live version of the WorldMap requires an internal connection to our servers and so is not a commercial product.

There is however worldmap.f-secure.com that is publicly available and it uses the same source data as the live version. There are multiple time periods that can be selected and the view can be defined to individual countries.

WorldMap Small.DAM in Europe