NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, February 8, 2007

Hello from APCERT AGM 2007 Posted by Patrik @ 16:32 GMT

Greetings from a sunny Langkawi in Malaysia where the 6th annual APCERT General Meeting is going on. A few of us are here to not only meet and greet with 19 different CERTs from primarily Asia-Pacific but also to give presentations on the latest developments on mobile malware, botnets and kernel malware.


So far the event has been very interesting with lots of great information and statistics on the security situation in countries throughout the region. For example, over 16000 botnet C&C (Command & Control) servers were found in China during 2006 and in Malaysia phishing reports have increased by 92.4% since 2005. There has also been some excellent presentation on tools that some of the CERTs have developed such as MCFinder from KrCERT that keeps track of websites hosting malicious websites.

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