NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, February 16, 2007

Poll Results - Should Police Hack? Posted by Sean @ 16:12 GMT

Our February 6th post conducted an opinion poll that asked:
Should police authorities be allowed to "hack" a suspect's computer?. Germany's supreme court recently made a ruling on the issue.

There were 1020 responses. Now we have some analysis by country for you.

GB Results

A graph of the overall results can be found in the original post. There were 23.8% in favor, 65% against, and 11.2% that were undecided. Approximately 68% of those 1020 responses were from one of five locations: Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, and the United States.

Feb 6th Poll Results

Germans were the least approving of police using hacking techniques, while Britons were the most willing. Finns fell somewhere in the middle.

Kind of interesting results when you consider the geopolitical factors…


Updated to add: Typo in the table has been corrected.