NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, February 23, 2007

Video - Bagle Mashup Posted by Sean @ 09:30 GMT

Our video of the W32/Bagle.AG@mm worm was originally posted in September of 2005. Gergo provided the details then:

The boxes in the picture are functions of the worm. The one on the top is the "main" where the execution starts. The first ring contains all the functions that "main" calls. The second all the functions that the ones on the first ones call and so on. All connecting lines represent the calls from one function to the other. Red boxes belong to the virus code while the blue ones are API calls library code that do not belong to the malicious code.

Today we have a re-posting of the video with some heavy metal music included.

Bagle.AG - Moment of Inertia

The music is provided by Moment of Inertia and the track is Diecast Soul. You can download the MP3 from their website. Why use this band's music? Answer – Mika St´┐Żhlberg of our Research Lab is the band's drummer. Enjoy!

Bagle Video (WMV – 13394k)
The video is also available via our YouTube Channel.