NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, March 5, 2007

Weblog Q&A Posted by Sean @ 14:42 GMT

First Question:
Is the [banner] photo [on your weblog's home] page the full Finnish team? When will you also show the Malaysian team?

Six of the people in the current banner photo work in the Malaysian lab. The picture was taken last June during several weeks of training. And while on the topic of training, two from the Helsinki lab are now on three month assignments in Malaysia. So that makes a total of eight from the photo at the moment.

Helsinki On Ice

As the team is growing in both locations, our photo is once again becoming out-of-date. We'll do something about that in the near future.

Most of the Helsinki Security Labs team is in the photo. F-Secure as a whole is now made up of 500+ employees.

Second Question:
How old is the youngest employee at F-Secure? The photo has at least one who looks to be a teenager.

Actually – there is a teenager in the photo. His name is Otto Ebeling. As mentioned above, the photo was taken in June, also the period of Otto's summer employment.


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