NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Weblog Q&A Posted by Sean @ 16:02 GMT

First Question:
I'm planning to visit Finland this fall. Do you offer tours of your facility?
Do you do open day tours around your buildings and research labs? Especially the bluetooth testing chambers.


We do have visitors in the lab. At the moment this is generally limited to our partners, associates, VIPs, police and military trainees, et cetera. So it's not currently open to the general public.

We did however have a unique group a couple of weeks ago. They were the winners of an ISP security contest. After visiting our Helsinki lab, the group traveled North to Kemi and visited LumiLinna – Snow Castle. Nice trip!

Since you asked, we let the folks in marketing know of your interest. If they develop a system to coordinate a visit, we'll let you know. In the meantime, we are working on a video tour.

Second Question:
I am interested in owning Polo T-shirt with collar from F-Secure. Are we able to buy them from you guys?
Is it possible to buy an F-Secure t-shirt?

We do have an internal store with Polo and T-shirts for marketing and sales. This is another idea that I mentioned to marketing. And they we're interested to hear about it. So they'll investigate that as well.

Perhaps the lab can get a few shirts to give away in our next weblog challenge…

Third Question:
That photo was taken in June in Helsinki!?!? It looks like February in Minnesota! Do you ever actually have SUMMER? And if you sleep late that weekend, do you miss it?

Hmm. It seems there's been a small miscommunication.
We weren't referring to this photo. That was taken on the canal outside about one year ago on March 17th. And if we tried the same spot this year – we'd end up very wet. This is the photo that was taken in June.

Finnish Summer can be awesome with long, long daylight hours and warm temperatures. And Winter isn't that bad…