NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, March 29, 2007

Always keep your softwares up to date... or not Posted by Ian @ 23:09 GMT

Time and again, we have always advised users that it is a good practice to keep your software applications updated. However, it does not seem so after today.

E-mails that supposedly came from admin[at]microsoft[dot]com are advising users to upgrade to IE 7.0 Beta 2. The e-mail details are as follows:

From: admin[at]microsoft[dot]com
Subject: Internet Explorer 7 Downloads

IE 7 Beta 2

The picture links to various sites containing a file named ie7.0.exe. This file is activated by clicking on the embedded image.

The ie7.0.exe file is already detected as Virus.Win32.Grum.A.

With this authentic looking image, it might be difficult to see offhand that this is malicious.

Remember to always get your updates from the original developer's site.