NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, April 27, 2007

New blog from F-Secure Posted by Mikko @ 14:28 GMT

F-Secure Linux Blog

News from the Lab, the blog you're reading now, was started in January 2004. Now we have a second blog to offer you. This one is coming from our Linux Team and is called F-Secure Linux Blog.

As you would expect, the blog is also available as an RSS feed.

F-Secure has pretty much always had a strong support for Linux platforms and we today ship both server and client security software for Linux platforms. Our Rescue boot-up CDs also run on Linux (link to ISO).

The aim of the blog is to write about things relevant to our Linux geeks ‐ which might often be interesting to other Linux geeks as well.

P.S. Linus Torvalds used to bicycle by our office every now and then when he was still living in Finland…