NEWS FROM THE LAB - Saturday, April 28, 2007

Unrest in Estonia Posted by Mikko @ 13:51 GMT

For the past couple of days, there's been unrest and rioting in Estonia.

Quoting CNN: "Police arrested 600 people and 96 were injured in a second night of clashes in Estonia's capital over the removal of a disputed World War Two Red Army monument … Russia has reacted furiously to the moving of the monument … Estonia has said the monument had become a public order menace as a focus for Estonian and Russian nationalists."

We're now seeing large attacks against websites run by the Estonian government. Some of the sites are unreachable. Others are up, but do not allow any traffic from foreign IP addresses.

Here's the status as we saw it on Saturday at 15:00 GMT:

www.peaminister.ee (Website of the prime minister): unreachable
www.reform.ee (Party of the prime minister): reachable
www.agri.ee (Ministry of Agriculture): reachable
www.kul.ee (Ministry of Culture): reachable
www.mod.gov.ee (Ministry of Defence): reachable
www.mkm.ee (Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications): unreachable
www.fin.ee (Ministry of Finance): reachable
www.sisemin.gov.ee (Ministry of Internal Affairs): unreachable
www.just.ee (Ministry of Justice): reachable
www.sm.ee (Ministry of Social Affairs): reachable
www.envir.ee (Ministry of the Environment): reachable
www.vm.ee (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): unreachable
www.pol.ee (Estonian Police): reachable
www.valitsus.ee (Estonian Government): unreachable
www.riigikogu.ee (Estonian Parliament): unreachable

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