NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, May 4, 2007

Security Tales Posted by Sean @ 16:16 GMT

Greetings Weblog Readers — Today we have an opportunity for some free stuff…

One of our forthcoming products aims to include real-life examples of why particular features and/or best practices should be utilized. The goal is to help users better understand the practical effect of their options.

An attorney brought his home computer into the office and asked his law firm's desktop support group for assistance. The computer couldn't connect to the Web without slowing everything to a crawl. The support staff examined the computer and discovered that there were hundreds of spyware applications and components installed. There were so many toolbars within the Web browser that it crashed under the strain in seconds. The Web browser's history showed that the attorney's son frequently visited questionable websites.

Spyware detections should be kept up-to-date or else problems can quickly escalate beyond control.
Young children should be supervised when using the Web.

So how can you win something? Send us your own personal examples of security horrors. We're sure that some of you IT folks have them. They only need to be in draft form, as we'll take care of the final versions. They need to be concise. Basically tell us why you'd want to use antivirus, firewall, parental control, et cetera.

In return for providing us with material the top five stories will be awarded with an F-Secure t-shirt, bag, stickers, or something along those lines. The product manager will determine the top five.

Please send your story to securitytales@f-secure.com.