NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, May 28, 2007

AusCERT2007 Posted by Kimmo @ 03:51 GMT

Last week I had the pleasure in attending the AusCERT Asia Pacific – Information Technology Security Conference 2007 aka AusCERT2007, which was held in Gold Coast, Australia. The conference had participants from government agencies, universities and various security vendors from all over the world.

Could I have one, please?

The conference program consisted of presentations and workshops. Presentations were held from Monday to Wednesday and the rest of the week was filled with various hands-on workshops. Full details are available from here.

The presentations were excellent and the organizers had managed to collect an interesting speaker lineup; and some had come from the other side of the world. Below are the highlights of some of the presentations I was listening to:

Ivan Krstic gave a keynote presentation about how dangerously chaotic the present security situation is today and what kind of solutions they have come-up with while working for the project called One Laptop per Child. This was also the first time I saw a real and working sample of the laptop – as shown in the picture.

I have been researching Windows rootkits for several years, so listening to Nelson Murilo's talk about rootkits and their detection on Unix environments was one of the highlights for me. He is the main author of a popular Unix rootkit detection tool known as Chkrootkit.

In addition, the presentations included very interesting topics about bots, spam and criminal groups working in the background in a very professional and organized way. It is clear that we are facing an enemy with vast resources and high motivation to continue using Internet for criminal purposes.

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