NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, June 7, 2007

Still on the road Posted by Mikko @ 17:43 GMT

Cheers from Mexico City.

We're currently at Congreso seguridad en c�mputo 2007. This is the most important computer security conference in Mexico.

We have a full house today and the venue itself is amazing. A 250-year old palace called Palacio de Miner�a. I've spoken in a lot of places but I've never delivered a presentation in anything this cool.

Congreso seguridad en computo 2007 Mexico City

The speaker list for this two-day conference is very impressive. Peter Cassidy. Lance James. Lance Spitzner. Jose Nazario. Paul Vixie. Richard Perletto.

Lance James had an interesting comment during his presentation: according to their information, some phishing gangs are earning over five million dollars a month with their attacks.

Lance James live on stage in mexico Palacio de Miner�a

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