NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, August 7, 2007

FRECA Khallenge 2007 and Lucky Numbers Posted by Sean @ 11:45 GMT

Our 2007 Reverse Engineering Challenge for Assembly was held last week…

2007 Khallenge Results

It was a bit tricky to pull off this year as many members of the lab were attending Black Hat Briefings/DEF CON and were working remotely. And then there were vacations and office moves too. (An active week.)

But despite a few small glitches, everything seems to have gone off rather well. Our thanks to Sami Rautiainen for his assistance with the Khallenge.com domain.

Our three top prizewinners are: Kaspars Osis – Latvia; Otto Ebeling – Finland; and Attila Suszter – Hungary. They won, in the order named an 80GB, 4GB, and 2GB iPod.

Kaspars was also last year's winner and retains his title. Regular weblog readers will also recognize our second place prizewinner. Otto Ebeling was the designer of last year's Khallenge during his 2006 summer employment.

Our website's statistics show that Level 1 was downloaded about 2215 times. At the time of this posting we have received 442 responses. Level 2 has yielded 136 and Level 3 has 35 correct responses. So let's say that's roughly a 20/30/25 percent completion rate.

For those of you still working with Level 2 – it's possible to debug the binary and produce a dialog box with "lucky numbers". But you need to fully reverse engineer it to determine to one true parameter that produces a valid e-mail address. That's part of challenge. Hint: use the original binary with your parameter to test.

Here's the correct dialog:

2007 Level 2

We'll post the correct keys later. If you're interested, you can also acquire the challenge files from: