NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hamster Souvenirs from Usenix Posted by Daavid @ 11:27 GMT

Last week, I attended the Usenix Security conference held in Boston. In addition to attending the conference, I also had a couple of free evenings to tour around the city. In one of the shops I just had to get a "hamster cube" puzzle as a souvenir to bring back to the office.

Puzzle 1

Looks scary, doesn't it?

Puzzle 2

So after some time of trying to solve it, I decided to write a program that would do it for me. Yes, it was a slow day in the office.

Puzzle Code

This simple C program took five seconds to generate a correct solution, while it took my colleague Stefan at least fifteen minutes to solve it by hand! OK, it took a while to write the program, but still…

Puzzle Solved

Signing off,