NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, September 5, 2007

HITBSecConf2007 in Malaysia Posted by Patrik @ 10:51 GMT

As usual for September, HITBSecConf is taking place and Mikko had the honor of doing a keynote speech about the state of online crime and malware.

HITB 2007

As is customary with HITB (Hack in the Box) the lineup of speakers are very good and this year folks such as Lance Spitzner, Emmanuel Goldstein, Window Snyder, and Dr. Jose Nazario are here to give their take on topics such as how to use Google to find malware, how to secure large development projects, and more. We also have a booth where we showcased some of our tools.


For the Capture The Flag (CTF) competition, the prize goes to the group from Vietnam with the prize money of 3,000USD; the second goes to the group from Switzerland with the prize money of 2,000USD; and the third prize goes to group from Korea with the prize money of 1,000USD.

Oh yeah, we also have a bunch of open positions in our Kuala Lumpur office so if you're in the area and are interested in joining us, please do come see us tomorrow.

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