NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, September 6, 2007

T2'07 Reverse Engineering Challenge Posted by Kamil @ 13:47 GMT

T2 Conference - t2.fiIt's time for another reverse engineering challenge. This one is for the T2'07 Information Security Conference.

For this year's challenge I have written something special and let me I assure you, it won't be too easy!

As usual, the first one to crack the challenge will receive a free ticket to the conference, and another ticket will be drawn from among the others whom complete it.

The challenge will be available at http://www.t2.fi/pahkina.en.html – tomorrow – September 7th at 15:00 Zulu.

Signing off,

Not Vista Ready
Update: The challenge should now be available for download from http://www.t2.fi/pahkina-2007.en.html.

P.S. Win XP Required; it might be fully Win 2K compatible, but it's rather untested; Not Vista ready…

Troubleshooting Tips:
 — Run as admin.
 — Killing the process without entering a key will result in an unstopped T2 service.
You'll need to stop it with "net stop t2" from the command line.