NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, October 12, 2007

Video - Next Level Money Mule Recruitment Posted by Sean @ 16:13 GMT

Bobbear fights money transfer frauds. Bobbear.co.uk lists many of the sites used by the bad guys attempting to recruit money mules.


Well — The bad guys have struck back. The fraudsters have attacked the site's reputation and Bobbear is currently offline. Earlier today, it was also unavailable via Google's cache.

Today we also happened to receive some spam that caught our interest. It was a job recruitment from Next Level — one of the fraud sites listed at Bobbear.

Next Level

We examined the Next Level scam site until we made the connection to the real world company whose web design was being ripped off by the fraudsters. They're Solutions Inc.

We discuss some of the details in this video, available from our YouTube Channel.

Video - Next Level

We'll follow-up next week with some additional details…