NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Warezov Domains on All Hallows Eve Posted by Sean @ 15:39 GMT

Storm seems to have seized the Warezov gang's mojo. They just don't make as much noise as they once did…

But recently they've been noticeable enough to prompt Toni into doing some research on their registered domains. And the results are kind of frightening.

Warezov Domains

Using his "patented" data mining techniques, Toni turned up 2039 domains connected to the Warezov gang as of 12:00 today.

Of those, 810 domains resolved as a fast flux. 1229 do not currently resolve. They're dead. (Or are they undead?)

These domains are used for both malware downloads and for pushing spam.

The next step is to get them taken down. No small task that.

Download the Lists:

   Domains — 2039
   Fast Fluxes — 810
   Undead — 1229


On a Halloween related note, check out this silly website created by our Swedish office — UnitedViruses.org
And our PR folks have put together a few "costumes" of their own as well.