NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, November 30, 2007

Holiday Roast Posted by Toni @ 16:08 GMT

FBI Bot Roast II

Yesterday the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation published a press release related to Operation 'Bot Roast II'. The operation revealed more than a million compromised computers as well as over $20M in losses. In total eight individuals were identified during the operation to be conducting cyber crimes. Some of the suspects are pretty well known in the information security community. (At least by their handles…)

One of the suspects, Gregory King (alias SilenZ) was indicted by a Federal grand jury for allegedly conducting DDoS attacks against various organizations including CastleCops, a volunteer security community, known for fighting malware and phishing.

Another suspect, Robert Matthew Bentley (alias LSDigital) was indicted by a Federal grand jury for "his involvement in botnet related activity involving coding and adware schemes". Bentley operated the malware business revolving around the smokedro.com domain.

Even though the now indicted suspects are only a few out of thousands it is apparent that if law enforcement organizations are given enough funds and resources they can perform pretty well.

These are eight guys that we're happy to see out of business.