NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, February 4, 2008

Viagra Shop Busted in Sweden Posted by Mikko @ 15:33 GMT

Seven men are being prosecuted in Sweden for running an illegal online pharmacy.

These men are accused of running several web shops selling prescription drugs without a prescription. They started operations in 2003 and generated several million Euros in revenue until they were shut down in 2007. By this time they had sold drugs to 65 different countries.

The gang was caught after a cashier at a post office thought it was suspicious that the same man came every day, day after day for several months to send bags of stuff to foreign countries. She alerted the police, they opened one of the envelopes and found drugs.

This case was covered widely in Swedish newspapers on Monday morning, but none of the newswire services were reporting the names or web addresses of their shops.

So, we called the Stockholm district attorney and got the names from her. The sites were:

  • 247-drugstore.com
  • no1onlinepharmacy.com
  • personalonlinepharmacy.com

The sites are offline by now (or almost), but you can find what they looked like by searching archive.org.


We were of course interested in the case to find a spam angle. However, although these shops had an active affiliate program, we were immediately unable to find cases where spam would have been used to advertise these sites. If you have a collection of spam you can search through, please check if you find links to these guys and let us know. Thanks.