NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dexter Union Inc Posted by Mikko @ 10:00 GMT

We saw this email being spammed a week ago:

            Dexter Union

Hey, great opportunity for growth? High salary?

Sounds good. Maybe I should apply.

So I did. Here's what I wrote back (do note that I used my normal F-Secure work address for this):

            Dexter Union

Well, I got a reply two hours later. Here's the answer in full (emphasis added):

Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 03:55:44 -0800
From: "Dexter Union Inc."
Organization: Dexter Union Inc.
To: "Mikko H. Hypponen"
Subject: Dexter Union Inc. Employment Details

Thank you for being interested in our work proposal. Please note we looking for
candidates from United States Only!

Let me introduce myself. I`m Adam Nelson, director Dexter Union Inc.

Dexter Union Investment Company is an asset management firm focused
on the singular strategy of attempting to maximize realized gains through
the implementation of the Dexter Union Strategy�. Based in Canada
Dexter UnionInvestment Company is an independently owned,
licensed general securities broker/dealer and registered investment advisor.

Here is more detailed description of what you will need to do.
As there’s a transaction going your way we will notify you of that by
email or, sometimes, by phone. You need to be able to check your email box
frequently once we accept your application. Notification will be usually
sent to you one day before you’re scheduled to receive funds in your
account. As the money arrives you will have to withdraw it from the bank
(or via ATM machine if your daily withdrawal limit allows it) and then
forward it to our customers by means of express money transfer services
(MoneyGram) according to instructions provided.

Commissions charged by those services are to be paid from the total amount
received by you, you don’t need to spend your own money on that.
Your starting commission will be 8 from the total amounts received by
you. Your earnings will be paid after completed transaction.
You will be paid every day!

Work day example:

You will wake up in the morning and turn on your computer, receive
email about completed transfer to your bank account, then you will
hear your mobile phone sound and hang up, we will inform you about
this transfer and you will tell me that you did receive my email.
Than you will visit bank branch and ask bank manager to withdraw this
payment! ( for example : 5000 USD) you will receive this money and
go to the nearest Money Gram department,
your salary in this example is 8 USD, 4600 USD you will transfer
via Money Gram to our head office.
Since this moment the task of our company completed,
we will send orders to both parts , sender and receiver.

After 2 weeks period we review your performance and if it meets our
requirements you will be paid monthly salary of $4400 plus your commission
will increase to 10.

Please note that to qualify for this position you need to be able to
perform your tasks promptly and without any delays. Although this job only
requires 4-5 hours a week it’s important that you do everything on time
and email reports/updates swiftly.

Please fill in the application form and sign the contract attached!

Once we receive it and verify the information provided a personal manager will
be assigned to you and you will start working.

Best regards,
Adam Nelson,
Dexter Union Inc.
http://www.dexterunion.com (now site on reconstruction, will work in next few days)

dexter union Dexter Union

Then again, maybe I'll stick with my current job. Money laundering is just not my thing.

Signing off,