NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Malware Analysis Course Coming to a Close Posted by Antti @ 11:56 GMT

We've been running a course at the Helsinki University of Technology covering malware analysis and antivirus technologies (we blogged about this earlier this year).

We've had many lecturers from our Security Lab giving talks on various topics during the spring. Here's Mika Ståhlberg talking about antivirus engines:

Mika Stahlberg giving a lecture on AV engine design

As soon as we announced that we were running such a unique course, we received lots of questions about the material. So now we're happy to announce that all the course material from the lectures are publicly available from the course webpage.

Now the course is coming to a close. The students are currently working on their final project: designing and implementing an antivirus engine. While this sounds like a daunting task (it takes a lot of time to develop a good engine), we are keeping things reasonable. The main focus is on coming up with a sound design and implementing a basic engine to test it out.

Our students have been very successful in different homework assignments such as reverse engineering puzzles, manual disassembly, emulators, and tackling anti-debugging tricks, so we're sure they'll do an excellent job with their projects as well. You can try your own skills on the homework assignments here. Do note that all the test samples available for download are harmless.

Course homework

We wish good luck to all the students with their final projects!